Natan Karczmar

Born in Paris in 1933

Some activities

- 1953-1954, writes as a musical critic in the french israeli newspaper l'Echo d'Israel and collaborates to the french section of Kol Israel.
- 1954, organized a Festival of film on art at the Artist House Association, Bet a Omanim, in Tel Aviv, and at the Bet a Omanim in Jerusalem.
- 1956 - 1965, founding and managing of the Canadian Museum of Film on Art in Montreal, with some forty branches in as many cities. In 1960 the Mexican Museum of Film on Art was created, followed by the American Institute of Film on Art in 1962. All three were members of the International Museum of Film on Art.
- 1957 - 1965, organized and directed in Montréal the Centre Canadien d'Essai, a theater which produced one hundred shows.
- 1958- 1965, organized the Salon de la Jeune Peinture de Montréal. Publishes les Editions d'Essai et les Editions Graph in Montréal. The publishing included albums on Quebec artists, poetic publications, the Cahiers d'Essai magazine, and the first book on canadian sculpture published for the Montreal World exhibition "Terre des Hommes" in 1967.
- 1970 - 1983, shows his non-objective paintings in Europe, Canada, United States, and in Israel.
- 1972, Becomes a member of the artist colony in Safed and in Old Jaffa.
- 1980 - 1985, is the artistic reporter at the israely weekly french paper Réalités d'Israel.
- 1983, organized MIVNE MAGA, or Installation Contact, at the Kikar Malhei Israel (now Kikar Rabin) in Tel Aviv, at Bet Rotschild in Haifa, and at the Theater Festival in Acco.The public was invited to participate to many games of communication.
- 1984, the first Collective and Simultaneous Video Event was organized for the Israel 84 Artcom Symposium, held at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the Haifa Museum and Tzavta Center in Tel Aviv. Other video events were produced the following years in Salerno, Metz, Paris, Cergy Saint-Christophe, as well as for the centenial of the Tour Eiffel.
- 1986, two other Artcom Symposium on the Esthetics of Communication were organized. One was co-produced with Fred Forest in Paris at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, and one with Wolfgang Ziemer in Cologne.
- 1987, a Collective and Simultaneous Video Twinning Event between Cologne, Liège, Lille, Esch-sur-Alzette and Grenoble was realized under the auspices of the EEC on the topic of the European Year for the Environment. The video-cameramen filmed the first sequence in public places following a cue from a radio station. The second sequence showed a park, woods, river, etc. Sixty video-cameramen from all five cities took part in the event.
- 1989, Art Planète was created. It was a bi-monthly video magazine presenting the temporary exhibitions of some eighty museums, as well as "distance visits" called The Interactive Museum. The exhibitions were presented on video and slides with real-time telephone dialogues with curators and artists. The conversations were amplified for the public as they followed the video-projection.The first Interactive Museum event took place during the "Europe des Créateurs" exhibition held at the Grand Palais in Paris.
- 1992, more Interactive events took place at the ICOM 1992 (International Council of Museums) meeting in Quebec and at the "Europe de la Deuxième Renaissance" symposium organized that same year by the Université Européenne de la Recherche within the French Ministry of Research.
- 1992, the seminar "Art/Communication/Nouvelles Technologies" was created at the Université Européenne de la Recherche. Many artists and theoreticians have been invited as guest speakers.
- 1996, the Internet magazine ArtMag ( was created. It now presents hundreds of museum and gallery exhibitions and cultural events to a world-wide public.
- 1998, participate to the symposium "Une écologie des médias" organized by Maria Klonaris and Katherina Thomadakis. Conduct a conference "Art galleries on Internet à the Paris Vidéothèque.
- 2002, Organize a Videocollective environment in the framework of the Festival Vidéoformes in Clermont-Ferrand. Organizs with Transcultures, Brussels, a Videocollective in Brussels, Ixelles and Mons. Participate to the 8th ARTMEDIA symposium in Paris.
- 2003, second videocollective with Vidéoformes in Clermont-Ferrand. Another Videocollective is organized in Nimes with Roger Bouvet, Director at the gallery ESCA. Organize Videocollective Beijing with the collaboration of the Beijing Municipality and the Beijing Gehua Culture Research and Development Center.
- 2004, Founder of the Videocollectif France Association. Presents in July Beijing Videocollective at the Carrousel du Louvre, at the CNIT la Défense and the Forum des Halles. A commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the first Festival of Film on Art in produced in 1954 is organized at the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Cinematheques with the collaboration of André Parinaud, Founder of the UNESCO International Festival of Film on Art.
- 2005, Organize Vidéocollective France,  Videocollective Israel and Videocollective Budapest.
- 2006, Organize Videocollective Athens and present videocollectives at the French Cultural Center in Athens. Presents videocollectives at the Cité Européenne des Récollects in Paris.
- 2007, Organize the commemoration of the  fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the Centre Canadien d'Essai in collaboration with six Maisons de la culture in Montréal. In this framework, two visioconferences are produced between the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris and the Maison de la culture in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in Montréal.
- 2010, Rétrospective and commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the creation of Videocollectives are held at the International Videoformes Festival in Clermont-Ferrand as well as in the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Sderot and Rosh-Pina Israel Cinematheques.

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