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Anatomies of the Soul

Phot.Elene Genis i Falgueres

The Espai 13, as always, aims to be an open space in which artists can present their ideas on the environment and on topical subjects, following the guidelines laid down by the curator and under the umbrella of a general theme.

This season, the theme proposed by Ferran Barenblit in Anatomies of the Soul is a reflection on the human being, a joumey through different interpretations of the human body seen both from the point of view of its identity and as a being concemed above all with its own existence.

The Espai 13 will be presenting a variety of proposals of an experimental nature that respond to such a universal subject as our awareness of ourselves. In this respect, Anatomies of the Soul will offer seven different art forrns, ranging from an installation or a performance to an exhibition of sculptures.

A new event this season will be the exhibition "Open Space", an invitation to all artists working on the subject of the human body, who will be able to exhibit a piece in the Espai 13 from 9-11th May 1997. The participatory nature of the Espai 13 will thus be enhanced by this opportunity to display the work of a larger number of artists on this season's theme.

In addition to this "Open Space", the cycle will contain the following exhibitions: Jesus Galdon will open the season on 24th October with "On this side of the mirror". This will be followed by a perfommance by a group of artists working in different disciplines such as installations, sculpture and dance.

Later on, in January, the American artist LoCurto / Outcault will be presenting "Exquisite Bodies" with a strong statement on the fragile nature of the human body when faced with AIDS. In March, Paco Cao, an artist from Asturias who surprised everyone in 1992 when he published notices in the local press announcing "Paco Cao Rent a Body: improve your quality of life", will be putting on "Law", a comment on the body as a advertising gimmick. After the "Open Space" exhibition, there will be a performance by the artist Stephen Taylor Woodrow, who does not accept art as an object and considers persons as forming part of the work of art. The cycle will close with Jackie Brookner's work on "Native Tongues", which is especially conceMed with bilingualism in Catalonia.

Jesus Galdon
LoCurto / Outcault
Paco Cao
Stephen Taylor Woodrow
Jackie Brookner

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