[Art Communication & Technologie]


 WRO 01 Biennale : SCREENS


May 1-6.05.2001, Wroclaw, Poland.

-The Contemporary Theatre, Rzeznicza Street 12 (video-art screenings, CD-ROM
art, net.art, installations, lectures, special presentations)
- Postindustrial spaces of Stajnia nr 8a, Sienkiewicza Street 8a (multimedia
activities, audio-visual concerts, club scene).


After closing the last year with an extraordinary millenium edition of
WRO2000@kultura devoted to changes in art and culture in the time of
cybertechnology, WRO 01, Polish and the Eastern Europe's largest biennal
festival of electronic and computer art - was held in May 2001.

The leading theme of the WRO 01 Biennale, SCREENS
refers to an intriguing situation of the contemporary media art with its
continuous striving for expression of new communication spaces and reaching
new cognitive horizons, and at the same time determined by ever-present use
of SCREENS of television, computers, projectors so restrictive through
their aesthetics of inventions that are slightly dated, yet still
indispensable and irreplaceable.

WRO Biennale is a festival organized since 1989 by Open Studio/WRO and WRO
Center for Media Art Foundation.
Artistic director: Piotr Krajewski,
Program director: Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska,
Organising director : Zbigniew Kupisz.
WRO website: www.wro.art.pl and www.wro.getin.pl.


screenings in the Contemporary Theatre
>From the total of 780 works which have met the criteria of the WRO 01
international competition, the selection commission constituted by the WRO
team have chosen 52 works for competition presentations:

Romy Achituv and Camille Utterback/USA - "Text Rain",
Alexandru Antik and Stefan Dragos/RO - "Corpus Transit",
Robert Arnold/USA - "Triptych",
Dominik Barbier/F - "Father Shark",
Bret Battey/USA - "Writing on the Surface",
Bureau of Inverse Technology/USA - "Bit Plane",
Susanna Carlisle/USA - "Butoh(dance of darkness)",
Seoungho Cho/USA - "Linear Tracking",
Jem Cohen/USA - "Little Flags",
Nicole and Norbert Corsino/F - "Captives(2nd Mouvement)",
Heiko Daxl/D - "Health and Civilization",
Blazej Dzieduszycki/PL - "The Emptiness",
Einar/A - "Timebased_Body",
Lilie Ewgraphovitch and Maximilian von Dada/YU - "H-Eaven",
Merilyn Fairskye/AUS - "Eye Contact",
Andreas Gedin/S - "Gemini",
D.Geesin and E.Rots/UK/NL - "The Garden",
Marie-France Giraudon/CDN - "Trans(e) Bleu",
Matt Hulse/UK - "Hotel Central",
Pawel Janicki/PL - "Tangled Sky",
Kai Kaljo/EW - "Pathetique",
Istvan Kantor/CDN - "Broadcast",
Barbara Konopka/PL - "Hybernating Chips,
Gustavo Kortsarz/F - "Vanarsky/Toporgraphie",
Dariusz Krzeczek/A - "Unterwerk",
Sylvie Laliberte/CDN - "The tool isn't always a Hammer",
Robert Lisek/PL - "Kehre",
Anita Malmqvist/S - "Super Natural",
Calin Man/RO - "Esoth Eric",
Gilles Marceaux/F - "Tape Bibi!",
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy/USA - "201: a space algorithm",
Juergen Moritz and Norbert Pfaffenbichler/A - "Santora",
Lydia Moyer/USA - "Nebraska Suite",
Boerries Mueller-Buesching/D - "Go(down) Mary!",
n:ja/A - "Rewind",
Jeroen Offerman/NL - "The Great Escape",
Alain Pelletier/CDN - "Die Dyer",
Sebastien Pesot/CDN - "Paradoxa",
Olivier Pietsch/D - "Heroes",
Simon Pummell/UK - "Blinded By Light",
Alex Sanjurjo Rubio and Ieximal Ielimite/E - "Ventilar",
Andreas Sachsenmaier and Thomas Sander/D - "Kreislauf#1",
Anita Sarosi/H - "Dragon",
Andrey Savitsky/BY - "Data- stream Processing",
Gianni Toti/I - "Gramsciategui ou les poesimistes",
Maxim Tyminko/BY - "No",
Andrzej K. Urbanski/PL - "bardosphere",
Gerald Vak/A - "Run",
Kerstin Wagener/D - "Three Seconds Black",
Herwig Weiser/D - "Entree",
Joerg Wolff/D - "Stimulus Body",
Edward Zajec/USA - "Orphics 6.2".

The shows are to be simultaneously viewed by both the audience and the
international jury:
Katherine Carl (USA), Sally Jane Norman (F/NZ), Jaroslaw Kapuscinski
(PL/USA/CDN), Erkki Huhtamo (FIN/USA), Alexei Shulgin (RUS).

- among projections of selections prepared specially for WRO by the invited
Another set of international video-art pieces and CD-ROMs, curator:
Katherine Carl, New York), Instants Video (curator: Marc Mercier, France),
Perte de Signal (Montreal, Quebec),
the newest polish works (video/CD-ROM/net),
Extreme Sports (emergent European video-art),
U-7TV (Ekaterinburg, Russia),
short information sets from Germany (Emare, Werkleitz), Bulgaria
(Videoarcheology, Sofia), Japan (J Vision) and Russia (Moscow Media Lab).


Walter van der Cruijsen (NL/UK)
Screen aesthetics in the context of classic art.

Erkki Huhtamo (FIN/USA)
Elements of Screenology - Media-archaeological explorations.

Ryszard W. Kluszczynski (PL)
Screens - Images - Worlds. The transformations of seeing.

Machiko Kusahara (J)
Mixed Realities: Changing Scenes from Japanese Media Art and Culture.

Sally Jane Norman (F/NZ)
Screens, Stages, Spectres

Maria Anna Potocka (PL)
Glossary of basic terms and problems of computers from software to

Alexei Shulgin (RUS)
Art After the Internet.

A media lounge based in the Contemporary Theatre is a presentation place of:
videotheque, cd-rom art, internet projects and netcasted events such as
"Train Stop" a Wroclaw-Kraków Internet action of Aleksander Janicki and
Anna Plotnicka's Internet "Performance on demand".

STAJNIA 8A- 1-6.05.2001
performances, netcasting, mixed media

Peter Style/Piotr Wyrzykowski (CUKT)
Dj Zmarszczki/ Maciej Sienkiewicz (CUKT)
Podletz / Artur Kozdrowski (Neurobot/CUKT)
Dj Mic (recognition)
Facial Index/ Jacek Staniszewski (Neurobot)

Urbano Mistica Amplitude + Ginseng:
U.M.A. = Gato Leiras (Buenos Aires) : Sampler
Michael Renkel (Berlin) : Sampler
Ginseng = Sonja Bender (Berlin) : Videosampling

U.M.A. + Ginseng is a reaction.

Muzyka/ Music: Bartosz Jakubicki, Artur Blaszczyk, Radek Turkiewicz
Obraz/Visual: Bartosz "Kostia" Jakubicki
Digital aesthetics! - machine music!

av performance:
VJ Peter Style /Piotr Wyrzykowski/ -
a technology based artist working in new media
DJ Maciej Sienkiewicz - techno, drum'n'bass

"Eden" (work-in-progress):
"Freight Train" in concert with a simultaneous projection of an animated
film by Andrzej Czeczot.

Gameboyzz orchestra project, performed by kunstbande SLA, Jura
A creation of new aural space on base of live-generated sounds from GameBoy
Color console.

386 DX Cyberpunk Rockband:
Alexei Shulgin/Moskwa
Performed by 386 DX / 4Mb RAM / EGA / 40 Mb HD
Synchronized text-to-speech and midi synthesis.

Joint Venture Sound System:
DJ Bass Reproduktor Xiadz /Priest/ Maken - since 1988 one of the very first
polish sound systems - hip-hop, ska, big-beat, reggae, techno and hard core.