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Invisible Circles

 Invisible Circles is the title of the cycle of exhibitions in the Foundation's Espai 13 during the 1997-98 season. Whereas in the previous cycle, Anatomies of the Soul, the theme was the human being from the point of view of the body, here we are concerned with the surroundings in which people live. The physical and social spaces have an arrangement that reflects the materialisation of laws and rules that govern our existence. Art has tried to capture this in part through representation of the landscape, which has been a predominant genre for many centuries. The six exhibitions in Invisible Circles explore our relationship with the things and circumstances around us, and re-create them or propose new ways of describing them.

The cycle is opened by Leopoldo Ferran and Agustina Otero with The Liquid Trench, an installation on the validity of representation. It will be followed by an installation by Anna Marin titled Sic transit on the subject of immigration. On 29th January 1998 we will be showing the intensive work of the American artist Liza Lou, a garden made of millions of plastic beads, which has taken over three years to produce. After that we can see Yaya Tur, an artist who was selected last year to take part in the Open Space exhibition. From 14th - 31st May, encouraged by the success of last year's Open Space initiative, the Espai 13 will again be "open" to any artists who wish to exhibit work related to the theme of the cycle. The season will close with Heidi Kumao, from 4th - 26th July 1998, with an installation creating optical illusions in movement to describe the invisible parts of our environment. Her works combine everyday objects with mechanisms inspired by the Zoëtrope, the forerunner of the film projector.

Leopoldo Ferran and Agustina Otero
The Liquid Trench

6 th November - 14 th December 1997

Anna Marin
Sic transit

Liza Lou
The Back Yard

Yaya Tur
Vies de cadencia
March 26 - May 10 1998

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