[Groninger Museum]


Peter Struycken

19 September 1999 - 5 December 1999


Celebrations to mark the fifth anniversary of the new Groninger Museum open with a
retrospective of the work of Peter Struycken from 19 September to 5 December 1999.
This represents the third exhibition in the series, following solo shows in the old
Groninger Museum building in 1967 and in 1984.

Many people consider the uniqueness of a work of art quite normal and accept the fact that there is only ever one example of a painting. Yet people watch films collectively and are accustomed to the impossibility of differentiating between originals and copies of computer-generated letters.
Peter Struycken has incorporated these developments in his art and takes them a step further.

He has designed programmes for projection via computer. These create storyless film images that can last indefinitely without repeating themselves on the scale of the changing landscape.
Peter Struycken's art has moved from static to dynamic; pigment, paint and canvas have made way for changing light that can be viewed by many simultaneously.

Groninger Museum has observed Struycken's development with interest over the last thirty years and has bought examples of his work. This is reflected in the exhibition in the colour schemes of various rooms, developed in consultation with Mendini in a special extension for the anniversary.