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The exhibition which will be presented in MUHKA, constitute a part of the multi-medial project Memórias Intímas Marcas (Personal Memory and Traces). In addition to an exhibition featuring contemporary African art, this project also contains a CD, a documentary, a book, etc. It has been presented for the first time in 1997 and has travelled around the world ever since. The point of departure of Memórias Intimas Marcas was the follow up after the war in Angola, but the artists attempt to extend there approach to other problems. Every display differs from the previous one because of the evolution of the theme of the exhibition and because for each and every show different artists are invited to participate.
The artists which have been selected for the presentation at MUHKA are: Fernando Alvim (Angola), Bili Bidjocka (Cameroun), Willem Boshoff (South Africa), Gast Bouschet (Europe), Abrie Fourie (South Africa), Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba), Kendell Geers (South Africa), Kay Hassan (South Africa), Aimé Ntakiyica (Burundi), Toma Luntumbue (Kongo), N'Dilo Mutima (Angola), Colin Richards (South Africa), Jan van der Merwe (South Africa), Minette Vári (South Africa).