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Chaos in Action is structured by Evgenija Demnievska and Wolfgang Zimmer.
4-8 November 1997, at Web Bar in Paris.
The projects from 11cities, simultneously connected by contemporary communication technology interacted and created through the Internet.

7 Novembre 1998, for the second action "me that's somebody else" at Métafort in Aubervilliers/France.
8 European cities met somewhere between the real and the virtual.

   project for CHAOS IN ACTION by Mami

                                     Despite living in a world where we are surrounded by technology we are rarely conscious of its presence. Machines have an enormous influence on our lives. They can stimulate in us instants of strong feeling, of sensuality. They can ignite moments of pleasure or annoyance. They are even capable of illuminating the depths of our consciousness. Its through an implicit relationship with technology, one that is spontaneous and instinctive, that the machine's invisible energy is activated. This project is about harnessing the dynamism created by such an environment and transcribing it into one or several images.

                                     People too are gifted with a mysterious sort of energy but one that is different from that of the machine. Our hands are espacially sensitive in their capacity to initiate the circulation of this energy. In Japanese language it is the hand which trasmits this force.

                                     I am thus, through the intermediary of technology - the machine - emitting completely subjective images I have visualised through my own perception of energy. I then recorded these images on computer.

                                     Waves of energy are transmitted by the two hands you will see on the screen. You will also be able to see the 'work of hands'. In this sequence the hands are in the process of hitting 108 nails, one by one. This movement is accompanied by 108 strokes of a gong. There is one other sequence, 'nailed hands', which is presented as a sort of 'reminiscence' of the hands. While facing your screen you can capture the waves of energy emitted, and then reconstruct whatever sensations and recollations are evoked by this enigmatic force in its various forms - sound, voice, gesture or image.

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