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FunFace in Tel Aviv

During  the Book fair, 30 years ago, on June 1983, Natan Karczmar organized Mivne Maga on the terrace of Kikar Rabin. It was an installation with many games of communication. Among them, there were 24 telephones on 12 tables arranged in half a circle and the public was invited to use them free of charge. The operator was deciding to connect whom with whom and the game was to find out with whom you were talking. There was also an exhibition of 105 photographs on the themes of smiling, winking, and grimacing. The public was invited to participate and similarly make funny faces. Following that, Mivne Maga was invited at Bet Rothschild in Haifa and at the Acco theater festival that year.
Unexpectedly, Mivne Maga changed Natan’s life. He was invited to join the international group of Aesthetic’s of Communication which brought together artists and theoreticians who used new technologies to organize networking, installations and performances.
In 1984, he organized the symposium  ARTCOM ISRAEL 84 together with Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Haifa Museum and Tzavta in Tel Aviv. At this occasion he created the first videocollective by inviting video makers to film a 10 minutes sequence on their city or environment and starting on a cue given by Kol Israel.
Since then, Natan has been organizing other symposiums, videocollectives, communication events, installations and directed seminars. In 2002, the international festival Videoformes in Clermont-Ferrrand invited him to be a permanent partner and the videocollectives filmed around the world are presented there every year.

This year, Videoformes presented also the installation FunFace showing the Mivne Maga photographies from 30 years ago and they invited the Clermont-Ferrand public to participate and be photographed smiling and making faces, the result was shown on monitors and presented on Internet on www.funface.co

At the occasion of The 7TH Jaffa International Children Theater Festival, which will take place between the 26-28 of September at The Jaffa  Theatre - The Hebrew-Arab Center will  present a FunFace event and invites both children and adults to participate to the game.

FunFace opening hours:
26.9.2013:     12:00-13:00      14:00-15:30
28.9.2013:     10:00-11:00      12:00-13:00     14:00-15:00

Their photographs will be later shown on Internet and the public at large may also participate by sending 3 pictures through their phones at funphoto@funface.co

At the time Natan organized Mivne Maga, he was a member of the artist communities in Jaffa and Sfat and active as a painter and photographer. Previously, he founded and managed the Canadian Museum of Film on art and le Centre Canadien d’Essai in Montreal, a workshop theater where he produced 100 shows presenting mainly one act plays, modern dance, poetry readings and chamber music as well as the Salon for young painters, sculptors and graphic artists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natan_Karczmar