Malmö Konsthall


sculpture from the Schyls collection
"European Field"

Miroslaw Balka, Christian Boltanski, Bard Breivik, Henning Christiansen, Erik Dietman, Toshikatsu Endo, Antony Gormley, kristjan Gudmundsson, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Donald Judd, Richard Long, Pieter Laurens Mol, Bjorn Norgaard, Claes Oldenburg, Mimmo Paladino, Ulrick Rückriem, Richard Serra, Susana Solano, Bill Woodrow. Malmö Konsthall will continue to exhibit the best pieces from the fantastic collection housed in the building. This time the exhibition hall will be devoted to sculpture.

The Schyl Collection belongs to the residents of Malmö. When the municipality accepted the donation in August 1983 it also agreed to the attached conditions: to preserve, develop and display the art collection. Today the collection is in storage, waiting for a museum of modern art.

In addition to the Schyls' own collection of classical works, the Schyl Collection reflects important international trends and movements, above all from the last two decades. The collection has grown quickly, and today encompasses about 140 works. It is an impressive collection which has come into being thanks to the great generosity of the donors, Karin and Jules Schyl. Their will expresses daring goals, and specifies that "original foreign art, preferably avant-garde" should be purchased. The Schyl Collection has attracted attention both nationally and internationally, and museums around the world are frequent borrowers from the collection.

At the same time as we display sculptures from the Schyl Collection, we will also exhibit a work with a strong local connection: "The European Field", 40,000 six-inch high clay figures by Antony Gormley. They were made for a 1993 exhibition in the Malmö Konsthall in collaboration with the Folk High School in Östra Grevie and the three brick works in the area. Spread across the floor of the exhibition hall, this astounding number of individual pieces creates a field of enigmatic human figures. Because each piece is the result of the artist's creative hand, no two pieces are identical. Their location in the final installation is also the result of an intuitive process rather than a predetermined arrangement.

The exhibition is of considerable pedagogical value. The Malmö Konsthall continues to invest considerable resources on its pedagogical activities in the form of free showings for both children and adults, living workshops and school activities.

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