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Liz Rideal

Originals: Unique Photobooth Collages


Liz Rideal's large images could be mistaken for abstract paintings with their sumptuous colours and feeling of movement. In fact they are composed of tens of tiny photographs -photographs from photobooths.

Liz Ride a has created a substantial body of work over the last ten years using the photobooth which subverts the standard use of the machine as a method of identification. The photobooth is a machine that allows for no intervention into either the setting up of the shot or the development process and therefore is beyond the artist's control. Rideal is known for manipulating these photo strips into figurative representations but the latest work echos her earlier abstract pieces.

In this new series various fabrics are draped and photographed, rearranged and photographed again. What is traditionally merely a backdrop for the formal portrait now takes centre stage and becomes the subject. The grouping together of the photographic strips result in textured images which seem 10 shimmer and move.

Born in 1954, Rideal lives and works in London and has exhibited widely since the early 1980 s both in Britain and abroad.