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 Founded in 1997, Artists in Cellophane is an arts group that converts
retired cigarette machines into fine art vending machines. Roughly 250
artists from 8 countries are presently involved in this project. A.I.C.
donates a portion of profits to arts-related charities.


Art*o*mat® locations:

New Museum of Contemporary Art [NYC]
MOCA at The Geffen Contemporary [Los Angeles, CA]
Whitney Museum of American Art [NYC]
NYC Community Machine [Various Venues in NYC]
Department of Cultural Affairs, Chicago Cultural Center [Chicago, IL]
Diverseworks! [Houston, TX] 2 machines
William Halsey Gallery [Charleston, SC]
Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art [Cleveland, OH]
SECCA [Winston-Salem, NC]
The Greenhill Center of NC Art [Greensboro, NC]
Brenners Children's Hospital [Winston-Salem NC]
Urban Artware [Winston-Salem NC]
Seed Collective [Winston-Salem NC]
Third Place [Raleigh, NC]
Wellspring Whole Foods [Winston-Salem, NC]
Wellspring Whole Foods [Chapel Hill, NC]
Mary's, of course [Winston-Salem NC]
Borders [Winston-Salem NC]
The Dixie Classic Fair [Winston-Salem NC]
Asheville Art Museum [Asheville, NC]
Hickory Museum of Art [Hickory, NC]
CPOP [Detroit, MI]
Salem Fine Arts Center [Winston-Salem NC]
The Garage [Winston-Salem NC]
Eriksson Art Supply [Greenville, SC]
Kingwood College [Kingwood, TX]
Bistro 420 [Winston-Salem NC]
Beehive Oakland [Pittsburgh, PA]
The Community School of Music and Art [Ithaca, NY]
River Oaks Square Arts Center [Alexandria, LA]
Theatre Art Galleries [High-Point, NC]
Jordon Hall/Cary Cultural Affairs Dept. [Cary, NC]
Salomon, Inc. [Richmond, VA]
Arts Council of Beaufort County [Beaufort, SC]
The Suffolk Museum [Suffolk, VA]
Ellipse Art Center [Arlington, VA]

Past Art*o*mat® locations:

The Andy Warhol Museum [Pittsburgh, PA]
The Three Rivers Arts Festival 1999 [Pittsburgh, PA]
The North Carolina Museum of Art [Raleigh, NC]
Associated Artists of Winston-Salem [Winston-Salem NC]
Appalachian State University [Boone, NC]
Morning Dew Herb & Coffee Co. [Winston-Salem NC]
Fresh Fields Whole Foods [Washington, DC]
1708 [Richmond, VA]
Arlington Arts Center [Arlington, VA]


All machines carry small original artworks roughly the size of a pack of
smokes. $3.00-$5.00 each.
A.I.C. is presently seeking artists to fill empty slots in all machines.

Art*o*mat® is a Registered Trademark of Artists in Cellophane.

Clark Whittington